Applying Black Patina to Solder

​Applying Black Patina to Solder

​Adding black patina to your stained glass projects can really make the glass colours ​come alive. In fact, I use black patina on about 90% of my copper foil creations because it leads the eye to focus on the colours and design of the glass, instead of the solder lines.

​Applying patina to projects is a topic that comes up quite often in conversations with other glass crafters.  So I've created a video showing exactly how it is that I apply black patina to my solder lines.​

The video shows step by step how to enhance your stained glass work with black patina, which products I use and how I ​use them. It's a very simple process, and the video will show you how to apply black patina for a consistent, even colour on your copper foil stained glass projects.

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Here's a list of supplies used in the video:​

When the tutorial for this candle/lamp project and the fused glass daisies become available ( in June  2018,) ​you'll find a link to them here. 

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​Do you have tips that work really well for you when using black patina? Add them to the comments below so everyone can see what works best for you!

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Maryam Paulsen - November 9, 2018 Reply

Once the patina is cleaned and dried, how can you polish the piece without the color of the patina fading?

    Samantha Calder - November 20, 2018 Reply

    Hello Maryam. In my experience, the patina always fades a little bit due to polishing. In many ways, I love the look it gives. The highest points that get the most rubbing from polising are a little lighter than the rest creating natural higlights. Try not to think of patina as paint as it is truly more of a tint. So black patina creates a darker tint to the solder as opposed to paint that creates a complete’y opaque black mask on items it’s added to.

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