Hello! I'm 

Samantha Calder


Being creative is at the core of who I am. Teaching others the joy that can be found in making stained glass is why I decided to start sharing my work and the process of how I create it online.

My Journey With Glass

If you didn't guess, I love to create stained glass art. I've been teaching in my home studio since 2008 and I've grown my passion for teaching into the online world where I'm now helping others to learn stained glass online! 

Since I was a child, I have always been artistic and creative. I thought my passion for playing and teaching music would have taken me through my adult life, but an injury while at University changed my path.

It brought me to the visual arts.

In 2004, my husband and I decided to try stained glass on our own, in our spare time. I've since gone on to learn traditional glass painting, and glass fusing as well as pursue many varied techniques in the stained glass realm.

My work has been shown in shops, galleries and government buildings in Ontario and Quebec, Canada with customers buying my art in more than 12 countries around the globe.

Methods of Learning: Experimentation & Play

Learning any new skill can take many attempts. Some are failed attempts, but the way I look at it, failing only means that something cannot be done that particular way. It doesn't mean that there is no way of accomplishing what you want. It's a matter of "playing" with it to create what you desire. 

My teaching style exposes you to new ideas, and gives inspiration for you to dream up ways of incorporating techniques into your work. The goal is to share how I do things and share the steps of how I go about it so that you can replicate it for yourself in your own unique way. 

We all have many ways of doing the same thing and no one way is necessarily the best. After all, we all have different limitations and perspectives. I just want to help you find ways to be more efficient and succeed in your projects. To truly help you discover joy in the process and love your results!

Learn more about my teachings here.