Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of file will I receive?

All of my patterns are in PDF format. Most computers already have software to open PDF files but if yours does not, you can download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC free here.

How do I access the pattern after purchase?

Once you've gone through the checkout, the confirmation page indicating that your order processed will provide links to download the pattern(s) right away. You will also receive an email containing the links to download the item(s) later.

Will I receive a pattern in the mail?

All patterns are sold as PDF files which can be downloaded right after purchase. Nothing will be send via standard post.

How can I print larger patterns from home?

The size of each pattern is listed in the description so that you know how large the pattern will be before you make your purchase. When a pattern is larger than standard size paper (8.5" x11"), the image is broken up across multiple pages so that you can still print it from your home computer.


Can you resize the pattern for me?

I no longer offer the resizing of patterns as time doesn't permit me to keep up with this, and still create new designs and videos. You will however find a small scale intact image of the pattern included on the second page of the pattern file. This is included so that you may scale the pattern to any size you need.

Do I need the commercial license?

The commercial license is available for anyone selling artwork or pieces made from my designs. It is not needed if you are making the item for yourself or as a gift. Please read details about the general use of my patterns and Licensing Policy here.


How do I access the video training files?

The first time you purchase video trainings (ex. courses, workshops, video tutorials) you will be prompted (via email) to created a site login. From then on, anytime you wish to access the training, simply click the login option from the menu at the top of this site. Once logged in, you will have access to the training portal where all the videos are housed.

How long do I have access to the videos?

There is no time limit on your access to the videos. This means that you'll have access for the lifetime of the site. 

Will I receive patterns for the projects made in the videos?

Any projects covered in the videos will include the patterns needed to make the project. They will be accessible in the same place as the videos.

Why am I unable to see the chat from the workshops?

The workshops are from live recordings. Any reference to commenting in the chat was from the time of the recording and is no longer accessible. Questions can always be submitted to me by email.

What if I need more help?

My email address is indicated in all video training areas to facilitate easy access to help. I am always happy to assist you with your questions about the projects or techniques.

I've forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you are locked out of the training portal, visit the login/registration page where you can click "I have forgotten my password".

If you never logged out of the training portal but have forgotten your password, you can visit the "My Account" page and create a new password there.

Should you need further assistance, always feel free to contact me at


What currency is the store using?

The store is setup in Canadian dollars (CAD). You can checkout using any currency however the transaction will be processed in CAD.

If you would like to preview the prices in your currency, please make a selection selection below. The prices displayed will change to the selection you make however the transaction will still be processed in CAD.

What forms of payment can I use on your site?

We use PayPal for all of our payments. PayPal offers a range of payment methods including credit and debit cards, your PayPal balance and more, and you don’t need a PayPal account to checkout either.

For all of our free items, no payment details are requested.

Do you have any free patterns available?

Yes. Starting in June 2022, I'll be adding some free patterns to the site. You can find my free stained glass patterns here.

How often do you add new products?

Patterns are added to the store as they are created. The best way to keep track of new releases is to join my email list to get notifications.

How do I access free items in the store?

Simply add the free item to your cart and go through the checkout. If your cart only contains free items, no payment details are needed to complete the checkout. Please see other FAQ's above for answers to questions about access to specific products types (ex. patterns.)