Choosing a Glass Cutter

​Choosing the Right Glass Cutter​There are many glass cutter styles out there and it can be hard to know which one to choose. In this video, I​ explain the different styles and show you ​how they fit in your hand.Not everyone works the same or ​has the same physical make up. I personally have nerve […]

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A Good Fit for Stained Glass: How Close Should the Pieces Be?

​​A Good Fit: ​​What to look for before soldering​It’s a common question asked by many stained glass ​hobbyists, “How close should the glass pieces be?”​And one would think there should be a straight forward answer, right? Well, in theory yes. But I’d rather talk about reality.We’re not machines. We each work differently​, learn differently and have […]

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stained glass tools

Stained Glass Tools: Getting Started

​Stained Glass Tools You​ Need​Deciding which tools to buy when you’re starting out in stained glass can be extremely overwhelming. When shopping for stained glass tools, you might ​find yourself asking “Do I really need this?” and, “If I do, which one’s better?”To help give you an upper hand in narrowing down the field, I’m […]

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How I Made My Own Slump Molds

SaveLiving in the County of Glengarry, my home and studio are only a short drive to Maxville, Ontario, home to the largest Highland Games in North America. You can imagine the honour I felt when commissioned to design and create special awards that some of their elite athletes would take home.After meeting with organizers on […]

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