Copper Foil for Stained Glass

One of the main steps in the process of the copper foil technique of stained glass is to actually apply copper foil strips to the outer edges of the glass. For some people, this comes easily. While for others, it’s a painstaking process of misaligned copper foil ​needing to be pulled off and re-positioned numerous […]

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Organizing Your Stained Glass Patterns

​Organizing Stained Glass Patterns​Stained glass hobbyists and professionals​ learn many skills to make stained glass. Yet, organization is the one area that is often overlooked​. Specifically, the organization of patterns. ​Have you been at stained glass for a while? Then you’ll know the struggle and the limitless number of questions that storing patterns brings up. ​You have […]

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Halloween Stained Glass

​Fantastic Stained Glass Art for Halloween​​If you like to decorate with glass art as the seasons or holidays change, you’ll no doubt be looking for more ideas of finished artwork to buy or patterns for making your own work as October 31st approaches. ​This post is the first of its’ kind on the blog and […]

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How to Repair a Broken Copper Foil Panel

​How to Repair a Broken Copper Foil Panel​It’s truly unfortunate ​that ​accidents happen and beautiful​ copper foil window panels get damaged. But it’s a reality when dealing with glass that sometimes​ they do get broken. ​Repairing broken pieces takes time and patience, but even if you’re still fairly new to making stained glass, you can still […]

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