8 soldering hooks to suncatcher

Soldering Hooks to Sun Catchers

​​Soldering Hooks ​to Suncatchers Something that isn’t always obvious is how and where to attach hooks to smaller projects. If you don’t stop to consider ​where to place the hook for hanging them, they’re likely to get placed at the very top by default. Unfortunately, many never realize the impact of this decision. So, you might […]

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Applying Black Patina to Solder

​Applying Black Patina to Solder​Adding black patina to your stained glass projects can really make the glass colours ​come alive. In fact, I use black patina on about 90% of my copper foil creations because it leads the eye to focus on the colours and design of the glass, instead of the solder lines.​Applying patina […]

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How to Repair a Broken Copper Foil Panel

​How to Repair a Broken Copper Foil Panel​It’s truly unfortunate ​that ​accidents happen and beautiful​ copper foil window panels get damaged. But it’s a reality when dealing with glass that sometimes​ they do get broken. ​Repairing broken pieces takes time and patience, but even if you’re still fairly new to making stained glass, you can still […]

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8 stained glass hinge points

Reinforcement for Stained Glass Hinge Points

​​Reinforce Hinge Points ​in Stained Glass ​ If you’ve ever experienced a hinge point in your work, you know the disappointment that comes along with it. But, if you know how to add reinforcement to ​your artwork, you won’t have to worry about them rearing their ugly heads when your masterpiece is finally finished! Without reinforcement, […]

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Stained Glass Hinge Points

Hinge Points and How They Affect Your Stained Glass ArtI’ve been seeing a lot of chatter lately about hinge points. Far too often people don’t understand what they are, how to avoid them, or even how to reinforce them. Sadly, this sometimes includes people who are offering advice (eek!)  So let’s take a moment to identify what […]

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Learning From Challenging Projects

Have you ever noticed how pushing yourself to take on a new challenge in a project can result in the willingness to try more new things?  It’s as though ​the problem solving process in trying new things allows our creativity to multiply​ and then the thrill we get from completing the task, sets us ​up to […]

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