Rose Blossom - Finishing & Reinforcing Oddly Shaped Edges




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The workshop starts out with a presentation about a few different ways one can finish the edges of an oddly shaped stained glass piece. Then, we move on to a demonstration of how to reinforce and finish the rose blossom project with wire embedded into the soldered edges.

Some questions about topics such as tinning the tip of your iron, pricing your work, applying patina, and more come up and are discussed throughout the workshop as well.

Rose Blossom - Finishing & Reinforcing Oddly Shaped Edges

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Watch the workshop to learn how to finish the edges of oddly shaped pieces and reinforce them with copper or pre-tinned wire.

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About the teacher

Samantha Calder

Samantha's a passionate creative with varied artistic interests which she loves to incorporate into her glasswork. Working in both stained glass and fused glass, her goal is to help you be creative and think outside the box while teaching skills to make glass crafting easier.

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