Learn To Use Varying Widths of Copper Foil In One Project

Registration & Stained Glass Workshop Info

With this workshop you will:

  • Have access to a previously recorded live video which includes a step-by-step presentation on making the mouse panel using multiple widths of copper foil.
  • Watch a presentation on how to decide which sizes of foil to use.
  • Receive 2 downloadable pattern files for this project; the mouse pattern and a simplified mouse pattern.
  • Learn to embed wire around the project for added strength. (This skill is useful for working on oddly shaped pieces that need reinforcement.)
  • Have access to the workshop indefinitely. You can watch the video at your leisure or watch it over and over again as needed.

This video workshop was recorded live during the spring of 2020 and is 2 hours and 24 minutes long.

Access To The Workshop

After registering below, accessing the workshop is very straightforward. Anytime you'd like to access it, click the Login button in the main menu to access the vault. Once you've logged in, you'll see a selection of all of courses, workshops and tutorials available. Simply click on the workshop to start learning.

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