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Stained Glass Shadow Lamps

9 Lessons

About this course

Shadow lamps are something I came up with back in 2007 and enjoyed making all sorts of designs on them. They were also a very popular item to sell at festivals and such!

Now I’m sharing this unique item with you in hopes that you get as much enjoyment out of making them as I have over the years.

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Course Structure

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Discover what a shadow lamp is and why they are so customizable.

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Get the materials list and learn how to choose the best glass to use for your lamp.

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Painting the Design

Learn the process for painting your designs onto the glass.

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Assembling the Glass

Watch step-by-step how to assemble your lamp.

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Building the Spider

Learn how to make your own hardware to hold the light cord in place.

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Installing the Hardware

Learn how to install the spider you built in the previous lesson.

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Cleaning and Preparing For Use

Watch the final steps of finishing off your lamp.


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More Ideas For Your Shadow Lamps

Learn ways to vary up the effects and designs you make on your lamps. Also, paint templates are included here.

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