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Soldering 101

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About this course

​​When you're ready, click the play button above for an introduction and orientation for the course.

​If you're totally new to stained glass, there's a handy little list of tools and materials you'll need for soldering in a PDF file below.  

Course Structure

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The Fundamentals of Soldering 5 Lessons

Introduction to Soldering

Discover what tools and materials you need to get the results you want.

Basic Seam Soldering

Learn the basic how to concepts you'll use when soldering

Basic Edge Soldering

Learn the basic concepts of soldering the outer edge of a straight project.

Sample Project With Complex Edges

Since curved edges on projects are not as straightforward as we saw with the straight edges earlier, this module explains how to solder projects with more complex shapes on the outer edge.

When To Know You're Done

You've been soldering your project for a while now and as you keep turning it around and turning it over, you might be thinking you're done. But are you? Learn what to look for.

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Soldering Wire and Zinc Came 3 Lessons

Tinning Wire & Adding Hooks

When making suncatchers it's important to know how to add hooks. This module covers how to do this.

Soldering Zinc Came to Panel Edges

This module provides instruction on how to solder zinc came to stained glass projects.

Basic Reinforcement & Stability

Hiding wire in solder for reinforcement is a skill that will prove invaluable for stained glass projects as this allows for stability to be added without being seen on the finished piece.

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About Your Tools 1 Lesson

Caring For Your Tools

Stained glass tools, especially good soldering irons, can be a little pricey. So for this reason, it's important to take care of them properly to avoid damage and keep them running as long as possible.

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Time to Get Fancy 1 Lesson

Simple Yet Fancy Solder

Since the Soldering 101 course teaches the fundamentals of how to work with solder, I still wanted to give you a simple way of adding details with that extra little touch to your projects, easily.

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Share Your Progress! 1 Lesson

Your Course Progress

This gives you the opportunity to share your wins and any feedback you may have on the course.