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Glass Cutting Made Easy

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About this course

Learn to create perfect cuts, the first time, every time!

This online course includes 10 modules of step-by-step instruction to help you learn to cut glass successfully and with confidence.

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Course Structure

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3 Lessons

Getting Started

The first module of this glass cutting course is made up of three videos; Laying the Foundations, Safety, and Introduction to Cutters. Be sure to print all of the downloads to keep for your notes.

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2.1 Understanding Scoring & Breaking

Start by learning the science behind breaking glass so that you can truly understand the 10 Golden Rules of Glass Cutting as they are presented through out the course.

2.2 Running Pliers

Learn to use your running pliers (sometimes referred to as "Line Pliers") and what types of breaks they're best for. Find out why they are made with a screw on the top and how to set the screw for each type of glass you're breaking.

2.3 Cutting Exercises For Running Pliers

Get a visual walk-through of the Basic Cutting Exercises and see how we're going to get started with breaking glass.

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Grozing Pliers

Having covered the basics of scoring glass and armed with the knowledge of using your running pliers, it's time to move on to your grozing pliers.

3.2 Practice Exercises for Grozing Pliers

Get a walk-through of how to do the grozing pliers exercises and see how we can put these little pliers to work for you.

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Planning The Cuts

This module covers all the details about how to plan your cuts. Planning the layout of your pattern pieces on glass and which cuts to tackle first can be overwhelming. The following three modules will simplify the process and break it down into easy to digest steps.

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7.1 Little Notches For Inside Curves

Deep inside curves take a special approach if you don't want to have a bad break.

In this video, you'll see a technique you can use with only a cutter and grozing pliers.

7.2 Cross Hatching For Inside Curves

Here's another way to break out the inside of a deep inside curve. This one combines the safety break with tapping (or you could even do it with just tapping!)

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3 Lessons


This section is home to all of the printable documents from the whole Glass Cutting Essentials course to make sure you can find everything easily.

Course Notes

Although they are all available in their corresponding units and modules,sometimes it's nice to just have everything all in one place so you don't have to look through the modules to find the pages you want.

TIP: Print out all of the pages and use them in a binder to create your own workbook

Bonus Patterns

In module number 4, four patterns were shown and discussed while you were encouraged to dissect the patterns into individual pieces. As a bonus, each of those patterns are included here for your personal use. Yay!!