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3D Basics

5 Lessons

About this course

This 3-dimensional stained glass art course is filled with various projects that are perfect for those who are new at creating 3D work.

These projects were chosen to teach you different skills and show you different ways of assembling stained glass in 3D space. What you learn from making these projects,  allows you to translate the basics skills into other projects you may wish to create down the road.

We’re not building Tiffany lamps in this course – so there’s no need to panic!

You’ll find fun but small projects that won’t feel too daunting and that you should be able to create with just a few hours of work each.

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Course Structure

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Basic Bird

Introductory project: The first project in this course is a  3D bird. It is a great project for your first attempt at making 3-dimensional stained glass.

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Diamond Cube

Assemble a diamond shaped project that looks like a cube , but hollow.

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Basic Box

Make a simple 3D box with a lift off lid.

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Triangular Candle Holder

Make a simple little candle holder perfect for tealights.

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Twisted Candle Holder

A fancier candle holder than you can make as tall or short as you like, in a couple of different styles.