Rose Key Tutorial

Make a Rose skeleton key with heart lock. This tutorial​ spans two videos. The first part covers the foil overlay portion of the training and the second shows how to solder the project together, reinforce it and add the chain.

Rose Blossom - Finishing & Reinforcing Oddly Shaped Edges

The workshop starts out with a presentation about a few different ways one can finish the edges of an oddly shaped stained glass piece. Then, we move on to a demonstration of how to reinforce and finish the rose blossom project with wire embedded into the soldered edges.

Some questions about topics such as tinning the tip of your iron, pricing your work, applying patina, and more come up and are discussed throughout the workshop as well.

Using Multiple Widths of Foil

Learn to use varying widths of copper foil in one stained glass project and the benefits of doing so.

Standing Picture Frame

Learn to make a free-standing stained glass picture frame in this workshop.

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3D Poinsettia

Learn to assemble a 3D poinsettia project in stained glass

Wirework Snowflake

This workshop covers the involved process of making a wirework snowflake with lots of details to really make it pop.

You'll learn the process of encasing the edges of the snowflake with wire for support, add wirework details on top of the glass, attach glass beads and add other solder details. Hanging options are also covered.

Intermediate level project.


3D Cardinal Workshop

Learn to make a basic 3D cardinal from stained glass

Glass Cutting Made Easy

Learn to create perfect cuts, the first time, every time!

This online course includes 10 modules of step-by-step instruction to help you learn to cut glass successfully and with confidence.

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Soldering 101

Learn to create beautiful solder seams. The Soldering 101 course will teach you how to finesse your skills.

This course will walk you through the important concepts you need to understand and practice to become skilled and confident with soldering.

If you're looking to learn how much solder to use, how to run a smooth bead on the first pass, or want clear and simple instructions on how to break down each step, and all of the fundamentals of how to make it look great no matter your technique or current skill level, this course is what you're looking for.

It will teach you the hidden secrets you need to take your copper foil soldering to a whole new level.

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3D Basics

This 3-dimensional stained glass art course is filled with various projects that are perfect for those who are new at creating 3D work.

These projects were chosen to teach you different skills and show you different ways of assembling stained glass in 3D space. What you learn from making these projects,  allows you to translate the basics skills into other projects you may wish to create down the road.

We're not building Tiffany lamps in this course - so there's no need to panic!

You'll find fun but small projects that won't feel too daunting and that you should be able to create with just a few hours of work each.

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Stained Glass Shadow Lamps

Shadow lamps are something I came up with back in 2007 and enjoyed making all sorts of designs on them. They were also a very popular item to sell at festivals and such!

Now I'm sharing this unique item with you in hopes that you get as much enjoyment out of making them as I have over the years.

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