Heartbroken over your favourite window or lamp getting damaged?

Don't fret. Most likely, it can be repaired.

Most often, your stained glass items can be repaired or restored. Each situation is very unique, so there are no easy answers to your questions without further knowledge of your specific situation.

Please send photos of your piece by email, or drop by the studio during open hours and I'll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Before & After Photos of a few repairs from Living Sun Glass

Suncatcher Repairs

Sometimes customers need repairs to their beloved suncatchers. Many times the reason they wish to keep it are sentimental and it doesn't matter how big or small the repair that is needed, these too can be brought back to their former glory.

Repair to a Stained Glass Lamp made by Spectrum Glass

The broken pieces were all marked for repair and then carefully removed. New pieces were cut and used to rebuild the lamp starting with the border. Lastly, inner pieces were added to finish the repair.

The finished repair. This poor lamp had taken a tumble from high heights. It's supported by an iron ring hanging from the three hooks attached to the edge of the glass lamp shade. Because of the way it fell, it was severely out of round when it arrived at the studio. Making it perfectly round again was vital to making it fit back in the ring. This challenging repair went back together beautifully.

Repair to a Large Window Panel

This repair required a whole new glass border and the replacement of six pieces in the the main design of the window. It had been made with a soft lead border which didn't lend any support to the window itself. Being a large sized window, it needed more reinforcement, so a solid 1/2" zinc frame was bent to fit the window which adds a lot of strength and the finishing touch.

Window repair