Stained Glass Patterns You Need For Fall Decor Projects

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Stained Glass Patterns You Need For Fall Decor Projects

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Have you started working on some seasonal projects for your windows?  If not, it's time to get on it as fall is just around the corner! If you need inspiration, I've put together a list of 10 stained glass patterns to inspire you for your next project.

The traditional use of pumpkins and fall leaves for decorations are a bit of a staple to most seasonal decorations for the fall, but I'm also loving some of the other designs I found while perusing online.

These are all available as patterns for you from a variety of artists. Click the links to visit the appropriate shops and support these artists while snagging some beautiful looking patterns.

10 Stained Glass Projects For Fall Decorating

Let's start with one of the staples I mentioned above.

1. Fall leaves make for easier and therefor quicker projects to make. They can be made in a variety of colours and are easily suspended from heavy gauge fishing line in your windows. 

By changing up where you place the hanging loops on each one (even if you make multiple of the same shape) you can easily create a welcoming window display. Just string them at different lengths and suspend them all across your window.

This pattern is by Ladybug Stained Glass.

2. Since the most iconic item that is typically seen in the fall are pumpkins, (heck, even the coffee industry has been doing pumpkin flavours for years now) I couldn't pass up the opportunity of including this pattern. It is a set of 3 different styles of pumpkin suncatchers designed by Kristina Glass Studio.

3. In case you have more time to put into your project or you prefer to make panels, Kristina Glass Studio also has this other pumpkin panel design which includes some other types of gourds or squash too.

Fall landscapes are another way to help bring the cool feeling of fall into your home and I found couple of them to inspire you.

4. The first is Pumpkin Patch from Justin Behnke Studio. This round design features a pumpkin landscape done in his elegant and iconic style. 

5. Flaming September is a panel design by Fleeting Stillness with a bit of a modern feel. Nice clean lines and brilliant colours of glass really help make the trees pop. This design would be versatile for other seasons as well, just by changing the colours.

Fall isn't just about pumpkins and leaves. There are some animals that when placed in a specific setting will lend to the feeling of fall too.

6. Like this Owl In The Moonlight design by Kennedy Stained Glass. The bare trees tell the story of the season and the way they are placed in the design helps bring the focus in toward the owl.

7. A smaller animal project that is great for the fall is this one of a squirrel carrying a nut. New to the store this month, this suncatcher design shows a brown squirrel but the colour can easily be changed to grey. 

Fall in Ontario, Canada (where I live) brings with it lots of fat spiders and their intricate and large cobwebs.  So although they are typically associated with Halloween, they definitely belong in the fall category. 

8. While on my search for inspiring fall designs, I found a shop called Neile by way of their Luna Moth pattern. However, they also have this design called Threads which is for a spider web and would be most appropriate for this time of year.

9. Next up, is a wreath design. I never actually considered making a wreath in glass before but this pattern by Art Glass Ensembles shows that they had the idea of creating one. Filled with flowers coloured in harvest tones, this wreath would make a lovely addition to your decor that could be left up for quite a while.

10. And lastly, I'll round out this fall project list with a workshop project I taught live in the fall of 2019 for which the recording is available in the online shop. 

The workshop video recording comes with the project pattern and templates to help you make this stained glass project with the word "FALL" written across some pumpkins. As an added part of the lesson, the topic of structure in suncatchers is discussed as well as how to add extra details to your work with paint and wire.

Let me know in the comments below, what type of projects you like to make for the fall season.

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