Inspiration For Your Next Glass Project

What To Do When You Don't Know What to Make

Inspiration for your glass projects can come from anywhere. Sometimes it's a song, a pretty combinations of colours in fabric, a shape of a cloud in the sky. But we all know too well that we can get stuck at times and not know what to make next. That's when it's time to exercise your creative muscles!

Think Outside the Box

You don't have to reinvent the wheel here, simply try to get out of your own head. Look at other art forms, or have conversations with new people. Get exposed to things that are new to you.

Look At Colour

We all gravitate toward colours that we love. Do a search for colour palettes online and you'll be surprised at how combining new colours in your glass work may help.

Look to Others

What are they doing? Now don't go and copy someone elses work, but you might see a trend in the type of projects being made. Or, you may find patterns for something that inspires you.

Stained Glass Projects To Inspire You

Looking for ideas for your next project? Find stained glass patterns, and beautiful use of colour and glass in these articles written to give you inspiration for your own stained glass projects.

Fused Glass Projects To Inspire You

Need ideas for a new fused glass project? Find fused glass processes, stunning projects, and interesting materials in these articles written specifically for fused glass projects.

Inspiring Artists

Read interviews with inspiring glass artists here. They share photos of their stunning work, their processes and unique styles with us. Each will strike you in their own way and you will learn a bit about their journeys through life with glass.

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