your life making glass art.

Stained Glass Pattern Library

​The Pattern Library is where you'll find original stained glass patterns designed by Samantha for hobbyists of all experience levels. There are ​simple suncatcher patterns all the way up to full window panel designs.


Discover fun ideas with our project tutorials for both stained glass and fused glass. These have been created to help you learn different techniques while making and creating some fantastic art!


​ Course Library

​​Learn techniques from our courses that are designed to teach you fundamental knowledge and skills that will open up your creative world. By learning why things happen the way they do, you'll be able to apply this knowledge to new situations and predict the best way to do something to achieve the outcome you desire. Get ready to dive deep! ​

​Studio Lessons & Workshops

​​Come to the studio to learn how to create with glass. Both stained glass and fused glass courses are available and some are geared to those who have never touched glass before.


​We all need tools and supplies to create our art. Living Sun Glass will be ​offering a unique selection of these plus some great kits to help you create your best art.