Soldering 101 Course 


The Soldering 101 course is perfect for anyone looking to improve their soldering skills.

If you’re looking to learn how much solder to use, how to run a smooth bead on the first pass, or want clear and simple instructions on how to break down each step, and all of the fundamentals of how to make it look great no matter your technique or current skill level, this course is what you’re looking for.

It will teach you the hidden secrets you need to take your copper foil soldering to a whole new level.

Included With The Course

The Soldering 101 videos are recorded from multiple angles and have voice instructions included. There are many printouts available as well which help reinforce what is covered in the videos.

A course outline is included below detailing what the lessons cover.

Course Outline

This course outline shows exactly what material the course covers.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Soldering
  • Chapter 2: Basic Seam Soldering
  • Chapter 3: Basic Edge Soldering
  • Chapter 4: Sample Project with Complex Edges
  • Chapter 5: When to Know You’re Done
  • Chapter 6: Tinning Wire & Adding Hooks
  • Chapter 7: Soldering Zinc Came to Panel Edges
  • Chapter 8: Basic Reinforcement & Stability
  • Chapter 9: Caring For Your Soldering Iron
  • Chapter 10: Simple Details for Beginners

Access To The Course

Accessing the course is very straightforward. Anytime you’d like to access it, simply click the Login button in the main menu to access the training portal. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a selection of all of the courses and workshops available. Simply click on the “Soldering 101” course to start learning. Clicking on “My Courses” will filter the options down to only the items you have access to.


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