Snake Plant Workshop 



In this workshop, we cover how to make a 3D snake plant and all of the special considerations when making this type of piece.

This is a very free-form style which means that you decide how it will look as you’re creating it! As glass crafters, we’re very accustomed to having to follow a pattern exactly and have everything pre-planned. With this snake plant, you get to be more fluid with the decisions on your project!

The workshop recording is just over an hour long and was filmed during a past online workshop.

Pattern template included.

Access To The Workshop

Accessing the workshop is very straightforward. Anytime you’d like to access it, simply click the Login button in the main menu to access the training portal. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a selection of all of the courses and workshops available. Simply click on the “Snake Plant” workshop to start learning. Clicking on “My Courses” will filter the options down to only the items you have access to.



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