Rose Key Tutorial 


Learn to make a rose key with a heart-shaped lock!

With this online video tutorial, you will receive instant access to:

  • A video showing you how to apply and use copper foil overlay
  • Learn to reinforce this project while adding details like thorns through a second video.
  • Receive a downloadable pattern file for this project which includes 2 templates. One for the glass design and another for foil overlay.

Gain access to the training materials immediately after purchase.


This stained glass tutorial explains and uses two key concepts in glasswork; copper foil overlay and wire-wrapping for structure. After learning these two skills, you’ll be set to use them creatively in other projects you plan to make.

Structure: Never worry about hinge points with the wire-wrapping technique. It helps solidify everything in place and makes sure that hinge points don’t hinge.

Copper Foil Overlay: The foil overlay technique can be used for adding details to your piece. All of the fine and detailed solder work in the flower is achieved with the use of foil overlay.

Included With The Tutorial: The rose key tutorial includes 2 separate lessons, each of which contains a video with voice instructions included. There are also pattern printouts and templates available for you to print on your home printer.

Video Tutorial Outline:

  • Lesson 1: Foil Overlay
  • Lesson 2: Soldering the project and adding structure with wire wrapping

Access to the Tutorial: Accessing the tutorial is very straightforward. Anytime you’d like to access it, click the Login button in the main menu to access the training portal. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a selection of all of the courses, workshops, and tutorials available. Simply click on the “Rose Key” tutorial to start learning.



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