Stained Glass Courses Online

Explore the fascinating world of stained glass through our diverse range of online courses, each designed to enhance your creativity and master the delicate artistry this unique medium offers. Our curriculum is centered on the copper foil technique of stained glass creation, renowned for its precision and the beautiful, intricate designs it enables.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone looking to refine your existing skills, our online stained glass courses have something for everyone. Learn from experienced instructors who offer detailed step-by-step guidance, revealing the secrets of this timeless craft right from your home.

For novices, our glass cutting course breaks down the process, including the basics of design selection, the finer points of glass cutting, and our Ten Golden Rules to Cutting Glass makes things easier to remember. As you progress, you may find you need help with soldering techniques soldering techniques, and finishing processes, and exploring the world of 3D creations and artistic expression.

Our unique courses also emphasize safety and best practices, providing knowledge on appropriate tool handling and workspace management. The recorded nature of the courses allows you to watch everything over and over again until you master the technique you’re working on.

In our selection of stained glass courses, you’ll not only learn the practical skills but also the artistic vision necessary to create your own stunning pieces of art. Immerse yourself in the magical transformation of simple glass pieces into vibrant, light-catching artworks that are bound to bring joy and color to any space. Unleash your creativity, one glass piece at a time.