Halloween Stained Glass

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Halloween Stained Glass

​Fantastic Stained Glass Art for Halloween​

​If you like to decorate with glass art as the seasons or holidays change, you'll no doubt be looking for more ideas of finished artwork to buy or patterns for making your own work as October 31st approaches. ​This post is the first of its' kind on the blog and will highlight seven fantastic finds ​from ​​glass artists and creatives who sell their wares or patterns on Etsy.

Some of the following product links are affiliate-connected​ which means that purchasing through these links helps to support the blog​.

​In no particular order, here are ​seven items that caught my eye...

1. Spooky Halloween Cat with Jack-O-Lantern - by Swanky Stained Glass

Classic images of Halloween typically include a Jack-O-Lantern and a black cat, and this ​stained glass piece has both! The contrast of the black against the orange and yellow, really make this piece pop. A delightful Halloween art piece made by Nicci at Swanky Stained Glass.

​2. Boo Suncatcher - Crafts By Tine

This fun and delightful Halloween suncatcher shows a lot of personality with lots of little details added. Notice how the "B" is one solid piece of glass? Even fun artwork can be technically challenging.

​3. Spider Web Wall Clock - by Stained Glass Karelina

​What a unique clock​! The clear glass used in this piece really gives the feeling of those tiny little strands of the spider web​. A great functional art piece which also has a spider making it's way to the center. Stained glass can be used for more than just suncatchers and window panels. Kudos to Vitaliia from Stained Glass Karelina for such a creative idea!

​4. Stained Glass Skull Brooch - Art Brothers Glass

The details in this impressive little brooch have been hand painted and considering it is 1.4 inches (4.6cm​) tall, that's some really great brush control! And did you notice those tight curves in the edges of the glass? I​t's a brilliant piece!

​5. Little Halloween Witch - by Dodge Glass Studio

The colours in this little witch are absolutely striking, aren't they? When I ​contacted Gary from Dodge Glass Studio, he told me the pattern for this witch is also available in their store. It's for the original version of the design which is the most popular and was made with wire hair instead of glass. The little witch pattern is included in the Holiday Portfolio II featuring 32 holiday designs (including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas.​)

AND, Gary even offered a coupon code exclusively for my readers to use on any of the patterns in his Etsy shop! ​Isn't that fantastic? Use any my links to Dodge Glass Studio and ​the discount ​will automatically be applied to your purchase. Just remember that it​ will only work for patterns, okay?

6. Stained Glass Bat - by The Bex Shop

The artist, Nicole, starts her description of the piece off as "This is the most unusual, unique and quirky stained glass piece I've worked on! And I love it!" I'd have to agree with her, as I think it's ​fabulous! If you head to her shop and look at some of the other photos for this item, you can see a close up of the feet and all of the little details are there. And for the stained glass collectors out there, there are also different colours and sizes of bats in her shop.

​7. ​​Stained Glass Skull - by Glass Art Stories

​It takes 150 pieces of perfectly cut glass to build this 3D stained glass human skull which comes with a light to ​become a lamp! This ​marvelous and complex art piece is sold in various colours and is just under 11 x 9 x 8 inches in size. The technical skill involved in making this piece ​is absolutely top-notch as everything would have to be so precise​ in order to fit it all together. Amazing!

​So there you have it...7 fantastic pieces you can buy from other artists for Halloween decor!​

​And, if you're more into making items yourself, be sure to check out the ​little witch pattern from Dodge Glass Studio, ​or, you could visit my own pattern shop ​for a couple of Halloween themed patterns.

Also, if you were inspired by any of these pieces, please leave a note in the comments. I'm sure the artists would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: I'm all for giving credit where credit is due. Therefore, the photos used in this post and their copyrights belong to the respective shops and shop owners. Permission ​was granted to LivingSunGlass.com for their use.

If you want to know about using paint in your own stained glass creations, you'll want to read this article too: Stained Glass Paint: Which Type of Paint to Use

Halloween Stained Glass

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  1. Very cool stained glass decor! Thank you for such useful information

  2. Wow! These are awesome. The bat blows me away. I can imagine people jumping when they see it out of the corner of their eye.

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