Choosing a Glass Cutter

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Choosing a Glass Cutter

Choosing the Right Glass Cutter

​There are many glass cutter styles out there and it can be hard to know which one to choose. In this video, I​ explain the different styles and show you ​how they fit in your hand.

Not everyone works the same or ​has the same physical make up. I personally have nerve issues in my hand, arm and neck along with some of the muscles in my hand. Thankfully, it's only on the one side but ​it just so happens to be in my dominant side.

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When I started out, I used the ​Toyo Brass Cutter (pencil grip) and thought that I handled it quite well ​until I had to start reducing the amount of time I could cut in one session. That's when I went looking for a different grip that would suit me better.

I tried the Pistol ​Grip by Toyo next but never took to it. I personally found it very difficult to control. That being said, I know that there are many out there who prefer the pistol grip over all others. It really is an individual preference when it comes to finding the RIGHT cutter for you.

The Thomas Grip Super Cutter came next (not shown in the video.) I liked being able to brace the glass cutter on the edge of the palm of my hand but found that it would dig in a little during those extra long cutting sessions. 

That's when I found the Toyo Custom Grip Cutter and fell in love.

​Which One Will You Choose?

​Watch the video below to see the different style of cutters as I describe a little about them. If you can, it's always best to see if you can try a cutter at your local studio before purchasing. Finding the right cutter for you will make all the difference in being able to make consistent and accurate scores.

Interested in some other specialized tools like strip cutters? Read about ​cutting strips: Strip Cutter - Do you Really Need One to Cut Perfect Strips?

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About the Author

Samantha's a passionate creative with varied artistic interests which she loves to incorporate into her glasswork. Working in both stained glass and fused glass, her goal is to help you be creative and think outside the box while teaching skills to make glass crafting easier.

Samantha Calder

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