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How To Solder Hooks to Stained Glass Suncatchers

​​How to Solder Hooks ​to Stained Glass Suncatchers Something that isn’t always obvious is ​how ​to solder hooks to smaller projects and where to put them. If you don’t stop to consider ​where to place the hook for hanging them, they’re likely to get placed at the very top by default. Unfortunately, many never realize the […]

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Decorative Solder: How To Add Extra Details

​How to Create Simple Decorative SolderIf you’ve ever wondered how to add extra details to your stained glass pieces, ​consider decorative solder. There are many styles to use and some are easier than others. Creating a simple decorative solder could take your piece from “Nice” to “Wow.” And once you get the hang of it, you’ll […]

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