2 using a strip cutter for stained glass

Strip Cutter: Do You Really Need One to Cut Glass Into Perfect Strips?

SaveSaveThere are many tools and gadgets available to help you with cutting your stained glass or fused glass ​and it can be hard to know what you ​NEED. Is it essential to have a strip cutter in your arsenal of tools? ​Let’s ​explore our options, shall we?Something that many beginners falsely assume is that making […]

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Choosing a Glass Cutter

​Choosing the Right Glass Cutter​There are many glass cutter styles out there and it can be hard to know which one to choose. In this video, I​ explain the different styles and show you ​how they fit in your hand. Not everyone works the same or ​has the same physical make up. I personally have nerve […]

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A Good Fit for Stained Glass: How Close Should the Pieces Be?

​​A Good Fit: ​​What to look for before soldering​It’s a common question asked by many stained glass ​hobbyists, “How close should the glass pieces be?”​And one would think there should be a straight forward answer, right?  Well, in theory yes. But I’d rather talk about reality. We’re not machines. We each work differently​, learn differently and have […]

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Decorative Solder: How To Add Extra Details

​How to Create Simple Decorative SolderIf you’ve ever wondered how to add extra details to your stained glass pieces, ​consider decorative solder. There are many styles to use and some are easier than others. Creating a simple decorative solder could take your piece from “Nice” to “Wow.” And once you get the hang of it, you’ll […]

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