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Do you remember the feeling of finishing your first stained glass project? Wasn't it so exciting to see it come together? And do you remember the moment you first saw it complete with light shining through it? What a rush!

Maybe your first experience in creating with glass was through a course at the local college or nearby studio. Or, maybe you started your journey without any classes, just like me.

Whether you’re new to stained glass or you’ve been making pieces for years, if you're a lifelong learner who understands and appreciates the time and dedication that goes into learning a craft well, you’re in the right place.

I believe:

    • That knowing the reasons why ​we do things are equally as important as how we do them.
    • Creative time is soothing and very necessary to help us shake off the stress of everyday life.
    • You deserve a creative outlet that makes you truly happy and makes you feel good about yourself.

My goal is to help you learn why, as glass artists, we do things a certain way. Giving you the opportunity to learn these reasons allows you to approach new challenges  with thought and understanding.

The result? You are empowered with knowledge, confidence, ability and consistency. This will lead to more freedom as you create and increase your joy in this marvelous hobby.

Glass became a part of my creative world in 2005 (read more about my journey) and ever since then, I haven't stopped learning. My knowledge and skills encompass stained glass in both copper foil and lead techniques, fused glass and glass painting.

I know what it feels like:

    • ​To have to re-cut at least one piece of glass in almost every project to finally get a good fit.
    • To not have the confidence to tackle the projects you really want to make
    • To struggle trying to make that perfect bead of solder, only to feel discouraged when your most recent attempt is no better than the last ten.

I'm not sure what led you here today

  • Maybe you need help with certain skills, like cutting and soldering or simply want to ensure you're doing something the right way.
  • Maybe you feel stagnant because the classes offered at the local studio don’t interest you or don’t fit into your busy schedule.
  • Maybe you want to learn special techniques to be able to do more with your craft but you don’t know where to start.
  • Or, maybe you're hoping to sell your work in the future but you need some help getting started.

As an instructor and fellow glass worker, I've been there. And with a bit of time, practice and a little help, you can learn them too.

No matter where along your journey you are, you deserve the opportunity to grow.

Are you ready to take your skills up a notch and build your confidence to tackle that project you wish you had the courage to try?

Are you  ready to learn the little nuances that make working with glass so much easier?

The Blogwill continuously be filled with helpful resources to address your concerns, inspire you, answer your burning questions and share behind the scenes information of setting up your work space and eventually selling your art.

Come and be part of the growing community!

Finding a supportive community is a great way to connect with and interact with others who are on a similar path. I invite you to join the free Facebook group Make Stained Glass,  where you will have the opportunity to share what you're working on, join the conversations about glass work and ask questions.

More than 350 new and experienced glass crafters have learned with the help of Living Sun Glass. Although I've been teaching for over 10 years, 2017 marks the beginning of my journey teaching online and it's an exciting step. But if you're local, don't worry, I'll still be offering services and classes through the studio. You can see upcoming classes and events here: class schedule.

I'm on a mission to help you create the beautiful works of art you dream of, with more confidence, in less time AND I'm determined to help remove any stress you might have about this truly incredible art form.​

Are you with me?

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